"Brohm’s major long-term project is threefold. At an immediate level, it documents the developmental change of an industrial district in a post-industrial residential and services area. Secondly, it expresses the ongoing, perpetual movement and change in which society is currently implicated, revealing the transitory, shifting nature of reality, and changes in how perception and reality interrelate. At a third level, the project reflects Joachim Brohm’s position as a stranger to the world, who is carefully, indeed delicately, seeking to reveal the outside world without moral judgement. He achieves this almost stoically, repeatedly returning to the same ‚scene’, thus subjecting his life and photographic oevre to the rhythm of repetition. Moreover, in this interpretation, the series of photographs reflects a certain meditative approach, based on return, repeated scrutiny and heedful consideration, sometimes recording the most minor of changes."

Urs Stahel, in: The same is dissimilar, the different similar. Joachim Brohm’s long-term photography project.
Published in Joachim Brohm: Areal; Göttingen 2002.

300 analog C-Prints, 30 x 40 cm / 40 x 30 cm, Ed. of 11 + 3 AP

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