Kunsthalle Darmstadt

The exhibition ‹Zusammenleben› [‹Living Together›], curated by Ralph Goertz, unites photographs by Joachim Brohm, Ute Mahler and John Myers from the 1970s and 1980s. As different as the artistic points of view may seem at first sight, they complement each other in their individual view of social, as well as private structures and habits.

Ute Mahler’s humanistically shaped photographic suite ‹Zusammenleben› (1974-1984) lends the exhibition its name and also serves as thematic link. The series was created in two decades and tells of life in the GDR in a gentle, but unvarnished way.

At about the same time, Joachim Brohm’s photographs of the series ‹Ruhr›, ‹Paradis I› and ‹Paradis II› (all 1980-1983) focused on the transformation of the urban and regions undergoing structural change in the west.

The British documentary photographer John Myers, on the other hand, focused on the individual in his social surroundings in the 1970s. The close tie between person and interior - be it privately or urbanly influenced - illustrate John Myers’s special position as a portrait photographer within British documentary photography. (Text: Kunsthalle Darmstadt)

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