"Joachim Brohm captures the details of the Ruhr region’s architecture and the urban landscape, condensing them to a “cultural landscape of the everyday” (Gabriele Conrath-Scholl). The selection from Ruhrstadt (1988–1992) confronts the viewer with surfaces: facades, display windows, foliage. The often complete lack of depth of the edge-to- edge motifs lends the images their special pictorial character. They convey a subjective perspective through their mix of graphic and painterly aspects; despite always being rooted in documentary and in tangibility, their specific form also lends them an enigmatic air."

Carolin Förster, from: Press Release Structures and Surfaces, Kicken Berlin 2014

C-Prints, 24 x 30 cm and 50 x 60 cm, 2010, Ed. of 3

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