Cahier Box Bauhaus Museum Dessau

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The complete 10 issues (2017-2019) of the series Cahier Bauhaus Museum Dessau -each in a different look and design- document the making of the new museum that has been inaugurated with great public interest in September 2019. Each of the Cahiers is dedicated to a specific topic that is related to the construction process, as the site, the fundament, the protocols, the tender plan, the Bauhaus archive in storage, the façade, the construction workers, the details, the exhibition display and the involved companies and suppliers. In this unprecedented editorial project that ran over more than two years, Architecture became disseminated in an unprecedented and novel, if not artistic fashion. 

Cahier Bauhaus Museum Dessau is an initiative by Addenda Architects with photographers Joachim Brohm & Valentina Seidel, editor Moritz Küng and graphic designers ODD - Oficina de disseny  supported by Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau and published in collaboration with Koenig Books, London.